About me

If there’s one thing I care about more than punctuation, it’s the planet.
Specifically, having one.


Kia ora.
I’m Alice.


With over a decade of copywriting experience, from websites, newsletters and annual reports, to blog posts, social media captions, press releases and feature articles, I can sure wield a word. But don’t take my word for it, take the word of the three million Urban List readers who eat up my articles on the daily. Yep that was a namedrop, and no I’m not sorry.

On the contrary, I’m absolutely stoked. Stoked to be able to collaborate with people who aren’t afraid to do things a little differently, people who dive head first into the crunchier challenges in life like climate change, poverty, human rights, mental health and creating clothing that doesn’t exploit the environment or the people who make it. People who serve the ethic-less persona of capitalism a swift middle finger by treating people with integrity, respect and authenticity while still making a buck.

Impactful is my way of using words to make a difference. It’s a sometimes saucy, always heartfelt collaboration with people doing really great things for this world.

Chuck me a message, I’m so excited to hear about what you’ve got going on.

— Alice


My Deal-Breakers

I choose to not work with businesses that hurt the environment, greenwash (whether knowingly or not) or exploit others. So even if your gig’s the coolest thing since Duck Island Ice Cream, if you’re balls-deep in plastic or have a shady supply chain, I’m not your gal.

I’m diversity-affirming and LGBTQIA+ friendly and so are my clients. heart

Still here?
Impactful’s going to look hella good on you.

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